Ram II – The Welcome Back

Act I – The Allure of the Lazy Blogging
In favour of lazy blogging, actual blogging took a back seat, to the point it was suffocating, but still had a pulse. The antagonist in this story isn’t evil, it’s Twitter. The dark side of blogging, the lazy side. The pull of a micro-blogging country where anything you said was perfectly A-okay.

Bad drafts published & flying, soaring, the wings of the blue bird strong. Even a fat fuck like myself was sucked into its gravitational pull. It truly was that strong. As said though, it was not evil.

It’s been extremely valuable to me in it’s early days. I’ve made priceless finds, from making me (debatably) knowledgeable to my making acquaintances and friends that to-date are probably the closest people to me.

Reminiscing the 2009 as though it were the good ole days. Honestly, the Twitterati of 2009 was a thing. Here’s an article on Tech Digest that could have got me fired from my day job for being so prolific on it: Britain’s Top 20 Tweeters. Instagram, Vines & Snapchat were not even sperm in the web sphere at that point. Continue reading

Introducing: Charlie

His claim to fame comes from loitering in areas it strictly says you shouldn’t loiter, his name he stole from a feller who went by the name of Charlie Chalk, after beating him with a brick, or was it a horseshoe?! It gets difficult to keep track between his escapades with fate & digital renditions of zombies & whatnot, and yet some things I just know because he knows.

look at me, i'm out control'

He’s an artist of kinds, he plays the flute in a professional orchestra {that whole yale thing} & well its fair to say he’s not quite normal.
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