Film Review: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The

Don't Panic
ORANGE WEDNESDAY:   The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

If you know not of Douglas Adams & his works this film may come across rather random. The best pop culture reference I can probably give is it has a Futurama sort of feel to it. Marvin {the manic depressed genius robot} voiced by Alan Rickman was definitely my favourite character. Sam Rockwell also stands out as the loud Austin Powers like character Zaphod Beeblebrox.

It was a feel good film, more a visual treat than anything else. The screenplay based on the book by Douglas Adams, does tend to divert a little from the book in a positively cheesy fashion. Cheesy & comical, tickling that funny bone enough to warrant a watch.

For the hardcore fans of the radio program & TV series, there are many small hommages & chuckles to be had, but if you’re not, you’re still in for a treat. It doesn’t command any knowledge of its source materials; which is a plus, but I can see how those who don’t welcome the strange may not appreciate it. An all-round winner for me though. ★★★☆☆

Film Review: ‘Kaal’ : Time To Die

Kaal – *ing Ajay Devgan, Esha Deol, John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Vivek Oberoi
Special Appearances: Malaika Arora Khan & Shah Rukh Khan
Worldwide Release – 29th April 2005
Runtime: 126 minutes (English subtitles in UK cinemas)

Kaal has collected £101,649 [approx. Rs. 83.72 lacs] on 21 screens over the last weekend, with the per screen average working out to £4,840. This is an exceptional start coming close to that of Veer-Zaara and excelling Black in its opening weekend had collected £66,284 [approx. Rs. 53.40 lacs] on 19 screens with the per screen average working out to £3,489. Statistics from

Kaal - Teaser Poster

My mission to Leicester* last weekend was all about this film. As always I booked my day off to ensure I caught this on the day of release. Having been given a 15 certificate, I think even the teaser poster tells you clearly enough that this isn’t another romantic comedy feel-good film.

This is outside of ‘that’ genre, which is scarcely tackled in the sparkling world of Bollywood. With a tagline like ‘Time to Die’ one may wonder if such a film would work with songs. My thoughts, if the mood of the songs were right, maybe, but the makers have played it safe & decided against it.

They’ve left the songs to merely background score which works quite well & compensated viewers with having two item number** songs for the opening & closing credits of the film.

The energetic ‘Kaal Dhamaal’*** song in the opening is a highlight for the SRK fans out there, myself inclusive, setting the pace nicely for what follows.

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