Pesky File Names (OSX)


The Problem:
Let’s say you have a huge number of files (or procure a huge number of files on a regular basis) that are named with lots of unwanted characters, phrases, spaces, etc.

..or you’re just as fussy as me and want those photos you imported from some swanky device to be named in a very specific orderly fashion.

The Solution:
Rename them one by one & give up hours later because it’s such a bastard long task that you just can’t be bothered any more. or..

NameChanger lets you preview, and as the name suggests change the names based on a number of different criteria of your choosing. In a nutshell, it’s a godsend. Check it!

Google presents: Chrome

I can’t go on to any social networking website without bumping into the announcement of Google’s new browser which is ‘to be released’ at some point today. Things like this become a worldwide event now & I find it in part odd, in part exciting. Time to geek-out! :)

Well my largest concern at the moment is whether or not I will have the chance to play with it at work tomorrow. I will download it & take it in, just in case they won’t allow us to download it there (probablity: high), but I haven’t worked out whether & how to get it on the machines there. Time will tell.

It’s available here now: