Shut Up, Listen and Learn!

Shut Up!

shutupLet’s take a moment of silence, for the late Gene Wilder, also to make my title fit. It took me a full two minutes to connect the dots and come up with a film quote that connected the two below, I liked it so much that I’m forcing this one in, because I can.

An alternative for you twitchy fingered folk who can’t bear silence, maybe utilise the time to watch this 2 second clip of Kevin Spacey saying it in an audition film for Horrible Bosses (2011) some decades prior.

Swimming with Sharks (1994) – Full Movie is on YouTube: 26m 39s for a more heated version of the above moment.


Alright, hopefully the entree didn’t distract you there for 90 odd minutes. With that out of the way, on to the main course of what’s winning the web for me this week!


My fascination for film & TV is no secret, but the underlying depth of emotion behind it lies in basic storytelling. Now, it may be a golden age for TV in America, but the old art of telling a story from one person to another is an evergreen one.

Tall Tales have run a series of successful events where people get the opportunity to do so with a live audience. I’ve been to a couple myself, the content has been a mixed bunch, from moving to hilarious.

Well, recently they’ve started a Take-Away service of sorts as a FREE podcast. I’ll be taking that, thank you very much! Yes, it is produced by a good friend of mine & my voice may be in it for a brief second or two, but it is quality, if I pimped out every party I crashed, you would not be too pleased. This is a worthy one.

You can find it on iTunes:

..or here for you non fruitarians. ;)


Coming on to the dessert, will keep it short & sweet. (I’m on a cinnamon roll with the bad puns!). Some kind soul has decided to collate and publish a plethora of English and American TV scripts for ‘educational’ purposes. I for one am extremely grateful. Sharing in the name of caring.


Billi Bobcat

Act 1. – The Setup

Ram had the *achhho* of seeing a film called Bad Moms a few weeks back. As is commonly the case, there were trailers of other films leading up to the feature. One of which was this atrocity called ‘Nine Lives’. Instant repulsion washed over Ram in an awesome wave. “I’m never watching this”, he told himself. As he pondered why talent like Spacey was being wasted on such a film which easily wreaked of being a bad make-a-wish foundation advert. The thought soon evolved to wondering whether or not the film had turned out as originally intended? Would somebody set out to make this? Possibly. Probably.


[imdblive-NL:title] ([imdblive-NL:year])

– iMDB Rating: [imdblive-NL:rating]/10


Directed by: [imdblive-NL:directors]
Written by: [imdblive-NL:writers]

Nine Lives

Collaborations are such mysteries, you never really know. As Ram nodded to himself in thought, the ‘Bad Moms’ feature began & all of this was more-or-less forgotten, until some days later, when this link emerged:

Act 2. – The Confrontation

ZOMG! A Talking Cat saves a Film Writers life! Fo’ Realzies!.

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