Dorsia, not Dorcia – I stand corrected

There was a moment of panic as for a moment I thought I had no reservations for dinner. Cartman had thought this through & knew this would probably be the case. The relief washed over me like an awesome wave when I heard from him. I was informed that he had reservations at Dorsia for eight, no nine, no eight. I wasn’t even hungry but its good just to know you’ve got that reservation sometimes, you know?

New DVD … Whaddaya think??

Well this is an interesting find. They’re releasing a new Uncut version of American Psycho this June. The current DVD has a bunch of deleted scenes, if it’s just them added in to the feature I won’t be too impressed, though they are going to add on 2 audio commentaries.

I do wonder if it will be any good, or if they’re just cashing in on Christian Bale‘s current popularity increase with Batman Begins hitting the cinemas. It is conveniently being released on the 21st of June coinciding with the Dark Knight release.

Region 1 only for now it seems, but it is pretty much inevitable that a region 2 release will follow in the coming months. No doubt I’ll be buying the region 1 release & letting you know how awesome it is :) .. so keep your eyes open!

<- edit -> Preordered.   Going pretty cheap too, I’m impressed, wonder if it has a watermark?