Film Review: Coffee & Cigarettes

Coffee & Cigarettes
Jim Jarmusch has consistently wowed audiences with his truly distinctive cinematic vision. “Coffee & Cigarettes” proves once again that Jarmusch is a true original. This time around, the director tries his hand at the short film genre, delivering 11 shorts that are all based around the seemingly insignificant acts of drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

Initially I was expecting a bunch of clips put together about people who are enjoying their respective coffee & cigarettes. Although strictly speaking this isn’t an incorrect description for the film, the appeal of this film is the independence of each scene, combined with its connectedness through theme, symbols & dialogue. Shot in an artistic black-and-white, over the course of a 17-year-period, ‘Coffee And Cigarettes’ is truly original, and has a certain flow about it that keeps you engrossed.

Dorsia, not Dorcia – I stand corrected

There was a moment of panic as for a moment I thought I had no reservations for dinner. Cartman had thought this through & knew this would probably be the case. The relief washed over me like an awesome wave when I heard from him. I was informed that he had reservations at Dorsia for eight, no nine, no eight. I wasn’t even hungry but its good just to know you’ve got that reservation sometimes, you know?