Dorsia, not Dorcia – I stand corrected

There was a moment of panic as for a moment I thought I had no reservations for dinner. Cartman had thought this through & knew this would probably be the case. The relief washed over me like an awesome wave when I heard from him. I was informed that he had reservations at Dorsia for eight, no nine, no eight. I wasn’t even hungry but its good just to know you’ve got that reservation sometimes, you know?

Working Birthday 23

Well, it is past noon {the time of my birth} and so I am a full 23 years old, plus an hour & a bit. Has to be said, this (so far) has one of my better birthdays.

Though I am at work, it’s been positive, even the weather is waRm’.

The scottish co-worker of mine who will be referred to as ‘Lestat’ has assigned me an important call with regards to a printer not working. Me & my boys are on it. Spacesuits on, the time has come .. to the batcave!

In side news, I think the people on my floor at work all fancy me. They’re giving me the look. Like all the look ‘Bond’ girls give to that ‘James Bond’ feller in those ‘007’ movies. It might have something to do with my charm & good looks, but on this occasion, I have my doubts. Maybe the reason is something else. Investigations Pending. Maybe I should raise a call with Support.